Consider the following Gibbs energies at 25 °C. (a) Calculate ΔG°rxn for the dissolution of AgCl(s). (b) Calcu?

Consider the following Gibbs energies at 25 °C. Substance

Answer 1

(a) AgCl(s) ==> Ag+(aq) + Cl-(aq)

ΔG°rxn = sum (ΔG°f products) – sum (ΔG°f reactants) = ((1 mole Ag+(aq))(77.1 kJ/mole) + (1 mole Cl-(aq))(-131.2 kJ/mole)) – (1 mole AgCl(s)(-109.8 kJ/mole) = +55.7 kJ/mole

(b) The solubulity product constant is Ksp for the reaction in (a).

ΔG° = -RTlnK, or, K = e^(-ΔG°/RT) = e^(-55,700 J)/(8.31 J/mole K)(298 K) = e^-22.5 = 1.7 x 10^-10

(c) and (d) are done just like (a) and (b). You should get values of

ΔG°rxn = +70.0 kJ

Ksp AgBr = 5.3 x 10^-13

Answer 2

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