compares to yellow light,orange light has ?

A.the same frequency

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Answer 2

Yellow light means that that object is brighter and burning hotter than the orange light object. For humans can only see a certain portion of the BIG light spectrum. The colors in that are the same colors we were taught in elementary school for a rainbow. Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet. I was taught Roy G. Biv in school to always help me remember the order of the colors. Red is the weakest and Violet is the strongest with the other colors of increasing or decreasing strength according to their position in Roy G. Biv. So for example if you see a yellow star and an orange star the yellow one is closer to violet so that star will be the brighter and hotter burning of the two. White light is created from all the colors mixing together but the white created from light is not the same as on a paper. White lights is achromatic which means a=no/not and chroma=color or no color. White light is all around you all the time when a light makes it visible for you to see. Black is simply created from the absence of any light colors.

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Answer C.
In the visible light spectrum, violet has the lowest wavelength and red has the longest wavelength. Remember VIBGYOR – violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red – the colors in the spectrum from lowest to the highest wavelength

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D! Fo Sho =)

Answer 5

C for sure.

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