Choose the more metallic element from each of the following pairs.? Sb or Pb K or Ge Ge or Sb As or Sn or?

Choose the more metallic element from each of the following pairs.?

Answer 1

Sb,GE and As are not metals and Pb,K and Sn are metals.
The answer is:

Answer 2

Metallic Element Sn

Answer 3

1. Pb
3. Cannot determine based on periodic properties alone.

Answer 4

John is only partially correct.

Elements become more metallic going down a group and goimg left in a period.

Pb is more metallic than Sb.
K is more metallic than Ge.
Ge is more metallic than Sb (based on electronegativity), however, brittleness and electrical conductivity suggest the
Sn is more matallic than As

Source(s): Sailor Astra

Answer 5

This does sound quite like homework. I hope this will help you do it on your own. The more metallic elements are the ones to the left and the top of the periodic table.

Answer 6

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