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Which of these statements are true for a neutral, aqueous solution at 25 °C?

Answer 1

I’m almost positive that in #1, all of those are true since neutral means that pH/pOH is 7. This is because at 25 Degrees Celsius, the pH and pOH have to add up to 14, thus that is why pH and pOH have to be 7, and thus their concentratoins are the same since you have to use concentrations to get the pH/pOH

For the 2nd one, it’s C), because at any other temperatures, the pH scale can go beyond 14, or shrink below 14. So, pH and pOH aren’t necessarily 7, but their pH’s are the same, and thus the concentrations are the same.

Answer 2

1.) All are true

2.) All are true

If a solution is neutral the pH and oH have to be equal as well as the relative concentrations of H and OH.

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