Cell phone call pts6180??

I tried calling my boyfriend phone several times and it gives me..”Your # is not reachable pts6180″ =[ what in the world does that mean?

Answer 1

The hard part–
The ‘pts6180’ comment will only help identify the type of failure. When phone switches are building a call, if there’s a problem, then the code will help troubleshoot the problem. For you– it won’t do any good.

The easy part–
All you have to do is call YOUR phone company’s customer service and have them do the research. They will need:

1) the source number (yours)
2) the target number (his)
3) approximate time of the call failure.
4) you can include the comment of ‘pts6180’ in their notes.
When you call them, they will open a ‘ticket’ or a ‘case’ so the issue can be tracked, since it usually takes several days for an answer.

I recommend that you record:
1) the ticket/case number
2) the name of the customer service representative
3) a phone number that you can call for updates.

Source(s): I’ve worked for a major metropolitan cellular carrier for 10+ years.

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