‘Not just a drummer – a genre’: Stewart Copeland and Max Weinberg on Charlie Watts | Charlie Watts

[ad_1] Stewart Copeland, the Police I’m an early-period Stones fan, and not so much because of losing interest in them, but because when you’re 16, music is 100 times more important – and the Rolling Stones were right there when I was 16. Humans are sort of like ducks. A duck comes out of the … Read more

Charlie Watts: a rock’n’roll legend whose true love was jazz | Charlie Watts

[ad_1] Everyone knew that Charlie Watts’s heart was always in jazz. Even when he grew his hair long and put on hippie garb while the Rolling Stones were going through their Satanic Majesties period, underneath he was still the cool bebopper who could see through the nonsense that surrounded his group and the rampaging egos … Read more

Charlie Watts: the calm, brilliant eye of the Rolling Stones’ rock’n’roll storm | Charlie Watts

[ad_1] By any standards, Charlie Watts was an unlikely candidate for rock stardom. He was quiet, drily funny and unfailingly modest, characteristics theoretically better suited to his initial profession as a graphic designer than the scream-rent world of 60s pop. Furthermore, by his own admission, he didn’t particularly care from rock’n’roll (“I didn’t know anything … Read more