Unacknowledged rape: the sexual assault survivors who hide their trauma – even from themselves | Rape and sexual assault

[ad_1] The morning after it happened, I said a cheery: “Good morning,” to my university roommate, as if nothing was wrong. “How was last night?” she asked. “So fun,” I lied. The truth was that the night before I had feared for my life. I didn’t articulate it, but deep down I knew that what … Read more

‘Nice skirt, it would look better on my bedroom floor’ – your sexual harassment stories | Diversity

[ad_1] I was mortified and didn’t know how to respond When I was in my early twenties, I organised a meeting with three older male colleagues – two at senior management level and an external PR professional who was working with us on some projects. Afterwards I felt undermined and powerless Rachel, Kent As I … Read more

Australia has a chance to make workplaces safer, but Morrison is ignoring key rights women fought hard to achieve | Michele O’Neil

[ad_1] As a country, we can take a major step towards making workplaces and homes free from sexual harassment and abuse. But not if a government bill passes unamended next week. Back in March, I listened to Brittany Higgins address the March4Justice rally outside Parliament House. Her courage in telling her story on the national … Read more