Great North Road: cycling the old route from London to Edinburgh | Cycling holidays

[ad_1] As any cyclist will tell you, there’s something strangely uplifting about being on the road early. Mostly it’s a case of enjoying empty roads and morning light, but perhaps there’s a smidgeon of self-righteousness, too. Mamils have a lie in? Never. As we wheel our bikes out of the Olde Ship in the village … Read more

The Cape Wrath trail: walking Scotland’s hidden roads – in pictures | Walking holidays

[ad_1] It’s day three of 17 on the Cape Wrath Trail, and I’m descending to a ruined settlement with Nicky Easton from Ashtead in Surrey. “We wanted to get into the wilderness. For me it’s about the space, the remoteness, getting away from everything,” she says. Experienced trekkers, like Nicky, who have hiked Grand Randonnée … Read more

Sealife and surfing in Scotland: the wide-open spaces of Tiree | Scotland holidays

[ad_1] I was lying on my stomach on a clifftop waiting for a puffin to stop preening long enough for me to take its photo with my little camera. A couple of women were sitting on the grass nearby, huge lenses trained on the bird. I had one eye on the puffin but my ear … Read more