01.04 Worksheet The Reefs By Marcella Morris She clutched her lab work to her side and walked briskly towards school. The snow fell

Answer 3 Mrs. Cratchit is no fan of Mr. Scrooge. On the other hand, Bob Cratchit is very respectful of Mr. Scrooge, in spite of how poorly he is treated by his boss.Explanation: Answer 2 Although I havent read this book, I can help you to find the answer. 1) Look into the point when … Read more

Which type of punctuation should not typically be used in any kind of formal or professional writing?

Answer 3 A. Exclamation points. Explanation: When writing a formal or professional text, we need to be the as objective as possible, this applies to the subject, the opinions we gave, the sources we use, and even the language and punctuation that we use. Typically we shouldn’t use exclamation points when writing a formal text, … Read more