1.) in figure 12-5 ( attached image) what nucleotide is going to be added at 1 point oposite from thymine 2.) in figure 12-5 (same

Answer 3 A wave is transporting energy from left to right. The particles of the medium are moving back and forth in a leftward and rightward direction. Explanation: Answer 6 No, that’s silly. Waves carry energy. So they travel in the same direction, and wherever the wave goes, the energy goes. Answer 8 Step-by-step explanation: … Read more

How is glycogen typically stored in the body?

Answer 3 air enters through the nose, moves through the nasal cavity, the pharynx, the larynx, enters the trachea, moves through the bronchi andbronchioles till the alveoli. Answer 2 Glycogen is typically stored 1/4 in the liver and 3/4 in the muscle cell. Further Explanation: The glycogen is made up of alpha-glucose units, and it … Read more

Fill in the blanks1. all organisms must regulate by turning genes on and off in different cells at different times.2. in prokaryotic

Answer 3 Answer is too long, in order to have a simple answer, or any answer you would have to put this question into chunks, or youll have to wait for atleast 2-5hours Answer 2 Answer below. Explanation: In the respiratory system, cells of the lungs or alveoli are made up of simple squamous epithelium … Read more