Female hummingbirds mimic males to avoid attacks, study suggests | Birds

[ad_1] They may zip around looking cute and sociable, but the world of hummingbirds is rife with aggression. Now it looks like some female hummingbirds have evolved to avoid this – by adopting the bright plumage of their male counterparts. US researchers captured more than 400 white-necked Jacobin hummingbirds in Panama. Surprisingly, they found that … Read more

‘Unusual mortality’: the plight of Florida’s manatees – in pictures | Environment

[ad_1] A diver from Sea & Shoreline, a Florida-based aquatic restoration firm, scrubs algae from exclusion cages in the Crystal River. The cages allow seagrass to develop mature roots before manatees eat it. As in Indian River Lagoon, land development and pollution fuelled algal blooms that smothered the eelgrass manatees eat. A community organisation, Save … Read more

Mosquito State review – a torrid, original tone poem to late capitalism | Film

[ad_1] This highly original, visually torrid take on Wall Street and last decade’s global financial crisis celebrates the true masters of the universe: mosquitoes. Richard Boca (Beau Knapp), head analyst for investment firm Abbott Werner, is a gauche social misfit tolerated because he developed the algorithms that keep the company ahead. But, in the autumn … Read more

A love heart made out of sheep: Australian farmer pays tribute to his aunt | Australia news

[ad_1] A sheep farmer stuck in lockdown in New South Wales who was unable to attend his aunt’s funeral has honoured her memory with the ultimate tribute: a love heart made from sheep. Ben Jackson from Guyra couldn’t make it to Brisbane to be with his aunt during her final moments after a two-year fight … Read more

‘My persian had a three-hour blow-dry!’ 150 years of cat shows – then and now | Cats

[ad_1] The air in the sports centre has a base note of urine. A soundtrack of plaintive mewling is interrupted occasionally by the sharp scratch of a hiss. Humans dart around the floor, attending to the whims of their lusciously furred, bouffant companions. Hairbrushes are wielded; coats are teased to 80s volumes. Over the PA … Read more

How to take the lead in dog walking – and earn unconditional love in return | Dogs

[ad_1] Pepper meets Mr Binks for the first time and bottom-sniffs the diminutive pooch by way of greeting. As ever, I look away. But Mr Binks’s owner, dog behaviourist Anna Webb, says: “Ah, that’s nice, they’re introducing themselves.” Pepper, my miniature schnauzer, trots off ahead down the pavement, followed by me, holding her lead, and … Read more