Can you drink half and half instead of milk?

Answer 1

Sometimes I drink a tablespoon.
I like the taste of cream.

Answer 2

yes you can i have drank half and half myself and was raised with my father drinking half and half every chance he got but i personally only drink half and half when i don’t have any tums in the house due to the fact that it does wonders on coating your stomach when you have acid reflex issues also in it states “Yes you can. People used to drink the equivalent of half and half all the time because they didn’t filter their milk like we do now. It’s good for you and some say you can actually lose more weight by drinking half and half instead of 2% or skim because your body absorbs it better and makes better use of it.”

Source(s): self experiance

Answer 3

Yea, but milk is up to 3% milkfat and half and half is about 20%, so it would probably make you sick.

Answer 4

yes. you can order breve lattes at starbucks which are made w/ half & half.

Answer 5

you could be it’s really unhealthy because of all the fat!

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