can you check the battery on a graphing calculator?

i have a TI-84 plus silver edition graphing calculator and i’m wondering if you can check the battery life or charge on the calculator, can anyone tell me if you can, and how?

Answer 1

You can’t check the battery status using solely the TI-OS; you’ll have to download an assembly program or application. Since assembly programs can’t be typed in on the calculator, you’ll have to have use that calculator-computer USB cable you should have gotten.

The thing with battery checkers is that they can’t be exact. Instead of giving a percentage, any battery checking program will only be able to tell you if the battery is good, fair, poor, etc. That should be enough indication, however. Try this one:…

Answer 2

Actually on the TI 83 and TI 84, if you press the 2nd key and then press and hold the up key, you’ll see a number in the upper right hand corner. It’s more of a battery counter than power meter. It counts up from 0-9 based on the time the calculator is in use. When you reach 8 or 9, it’s time to change the batteries.

Answer 3

I’m not sure how to do it but don’t do what that other guy said up abou 2nd up all that does is darken display

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