can someone give me the link to a yahoo avatar maker?

I hear there is a new thing for a yahoo avatar maker and i want the link.

Answer 2

There isn’t one. Yahoo no longer offers avatars but you can do this:
Choose either a cartoon or a photo avatar
Create a personal avatar below not a moving or large one, right click and save it to you pc then follow the upload directions below..
http://laughingsquid. com/faceyourmanga-create-your… com/
http://freeavatarsonline. com/
http://www.avatarsdb. com/
Photo or avatar upload Follow these directions.
Click your current avatar then click view profile or go to com/ ,
click your current avatar , click change picture in the centre, click the upward arrow on left, “edit my public profile” browse and select the avatar or pic you want from your pc, follow the prompts.

Answer 1

As of April 1, 2013 the Yahoo Avatars site has discontinued. You can no longer create a new Yahoo Avatar or change or update your current Yahoo Avatar.
“Yahoo! Avatars discontinuing on April 1” com/kb/index?page=content&y=PROD…

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