Can dogs drink zzzQuil for sleep?

Just wondering, cause I do. So what would be the problem? Of course they couldn’t have the same amount. But still. Can they sleep from taking it too?

Answer 1

Sleep medications should not be given to dogs to sleep. If you’re too lazy to work with a behavior, you shouldn’t have a dog. Dogs will sleep when they need to and it should NOT be drugged to make it sleep. In addition, who knows what’s in the medication. If it contains alcohol at all – then it is deadly to a dog. Never give any medication to a dog without the advice of a veterinarian!

Answer 2

I never heard of that so I myself wouldn’t do it. Just put a muzzle on your dogs and have a leash held up above his head tied up to someting. Normally, the groomer would have a pet groom table and will have a L shape at the end of the table and up in the air to attach the leash to. All they have to work with is the hind legs. I’ve seen vet give them shot to sleep while they have to groom them (shave) but I would just call the vet and ask them to be sure it is okay. If you do, do it without calling someone first then I would just give them a half of the sleep pill or a 1/4 of it.

Answer 3

The active ingredient is diphenhydramine. That’s the generic name for Benadryl, which is safe to give dogs in smallish doses. However, it’s a real crapshoot as to whether or not it would make your dog tired. As another answer said, many medications affect dogs far differently than they affect us. Tylenol and Ibuprofen can kill a dog pretty easily and should never be given for any reason. Benadryl (dyphenhydramine) is generally accepted as safe, but many people have found that it doesn’t seem to have any affect on their dog.

If you need your dog to sleep then discuss sedatives with your vet.

Answer 4

Whoever said diphenhydramine is safe for dogs is right. The vet has my dog on it for her allergies, however it’s only to relieve her itching a slight bit because dogs don’t have as many receptors for it as humans do. The dosing for dogs is much higher than in humans. If you were serious about giving it to your dog as a sleep aid, I would definitely talk to a vet first about dosing as well as if it would actually be beneficial as a sleep aid.

Answer 5

NO. Dogs sleep without any problems and need nothing to help them sleep.

Why do people want to dose their dogs up with things they don’t need and that are no good for them?

Answer 6

I wouldn’t attempt it; it could be really dangerous for the dogs health, plus I doubt the company who made the drug tested its safety for dogs. Anyways, is the possible death of the dog worth it sleeping?

Answer 7

A lot of people medicines can be surprisingly bad for dogs, just because their bodies process stuff differently. To be safe I wouldn’t give anything I would take to my dog, but odds are they would be okay. I would just exercise them a lot to make them tired though!

Answer 8

i think it’s great for humans but call the vet because they usually say no human meds for pets

Answer 9

Idk I was just wondering bc my dog doesn’t let us cut his hair so I was wondering will he be asleep forever or not and will it hurt him

Answer 10

yea they probably would sleep PERMANENTLY. consult a vet

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