Can a a period bounce back to its original cycle days?

I am a 21 yo and since I was 14 I ve had very regular periods to where I didn t need to track them I just knew when they started. It s a very regular 27 days. Sometimes 26 sometimes 29. On 3/31/17 I was prescribed a high dosage of corticosteroid and an antibacterium for an early cyst. My period that month was then 14 days late. Previous periods: 01/12/17, 02/08/17, 03/07/17, and then 04/19/17.

Answer 1

It doesn’t usually. It will just set to a new cycle.

Answer 2

You sound like a woman… oh wait you are.

Answer 3

Could be either. You’ll have to wait and see I’m afraid.

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