Biden says US is ‘determined to complete this mission’ as Afghanistan evacuations pass 70,000 – live | US news



The UN’s top human rights official described credible reports of serious human rights violations committed by the Taliban in Afghanistan, including summary executions of civilians, restrictions on women and limitations on protests against their rule.

At an emergency session of the UN human rights council, called at the request of Pakistan and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, its head, Michelle Bachelet, called for a mechanism to monitor Taliban actions, describing the Taliban’s treatment of women and girls as a “fundamental red line” and warning that “significant numbers of people will seek refuge in neighbouring countries or outside the region”.

Describing the air bridge from Afghanistan, one Nato country diplomat said western nations were working at a “war-footing pace” on Tuesday to get people out of the country.

The US military on Tuesday said it had evacuated the largest number of people from Afghanistan since the operation began.

About 21,600 people were flown safely out of Taliban-held Afghanistan in the 24-hour period that ended early on Tuesday, the White House said. That compares with about 16,000 the previous day.

Biden has suggested between 50,000-65,000 Afghan allies could be eligible for evacuation.

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