Best answers for a job application assessments?

filling out a job app I need help

Answer 1

When you answer questions like these, you need to pretend that you’re the company you applied to, and think about what they might want to hear. For example, this company – are they a cutting edge company? If so, then the answer they probably want for question 1 is something like “Yes”. Likewise, if they’re cutting edge, the answer to 2. is probably “No”. So make your answers match up to what they probably want to hear.

For example, 1: A – agree or SA – strongly agree. 2. D – disagree, but I wouldn’t put SD because sometimes it can be counterproductive. But not always. So D.

But we don’t know what type of company this is, so you can’t just take my answers and use them, becuase if this is a 200 year old, really formal company, those answers would probably be wrong. The answers might also vary depending on what type of job you’re applying to. So don’t ask us for these answers – we don’t have the context. Instead, put on the hat of the HR department for this company, for this role, and then answer.

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