Can you rush art?

I was watching toy story 2 yesterday, and I was wondering if you could rush art? Answer 1 H Answer 2 You sure can. I can do a fair rendering of the Mona Lisa in about three minutes flat. It’s rubblish, mind, but I try and that’s what’s important.

Have you ever heard of a salameat?

I love them. Answer 1 The only reference I can find is that it is the casing for sausages. I eat the skins on sausages but I don’t think they would be very nice by themselves. Answer 2 Louie’s P&R is the only place you can get a salameat sandwich since they have it trademarked….so … Read more

Come si fa l’ondina con la tastiera?

Ciaoooooooo Answer 1 Ciaoo allora se ho ben capito ti serve un carattere che non è presente sulla tastiera… Quando un carattere non è presente sulla tastiera esiste un programmino : mappa caratteri che puoi trovare (se utilizzi xp) andando su start >tutti programmi>accessori>utilità di sistema…li puoi trovare tutti i tipi di carattere e simboli … Read more