what does Ermosa mean in spainsh?

Answer 3 hermosa but reading style is ermosa which means beautiful Answer 2 Ermosa isn’t a word in Spanish, but you might mean Hermosa, which means beautiful. Answer 4 I think you mean “Hermosa” which means beautiful Answer 5 “Hermosa” means gorgeous. ¡Ella es hermosa! She is gorgeous! Answer 1 It means more of gorgeous … Read more

Is foresight any good?

Feel dumb asking this, but I just started playing Pokemon and my Marshtomp wants to learn foresight. Answer 3 It makes normal type moves hit ghosts so for a marshtomp its kinda pointless. Answer 2 Pokemon Marshtomp Answer 4 nah Answer 5 No. Answer 1 Eh…not really. Especially not for a Marshtomp. It’s more for … Read more

Write a hypothesis for Partl of the lab, which is about the

Answer 3 Probably a behavioral adaptation Answer 2 50% lit on the left side Answer 4 huh explanation: Answer 1 surface modification is a versatile tool and has been widely used in material science and engineering that has significantly facilitated the study and characterization of complex materials. at  matexcel, experienced experts in surface science can … Read more

Closest beach to Kansas?

I live in Kansas and me and a couple friends are wanting to take a road trip to the beach. I know there aren’t any beaches close to Kansas but were wanting to go straight south to Texas. Does anyone know of the closest north “decent” beach? We’re only going For a couple days and … Read more

Where do subduction zones often occur?

Answer 3 1. d: oceanic crust is thicker and contains a lot of granite2.d: where two continental plates are colliding  3.b.contour boundaries4.b.plates that are attracted to each other by gravity5.a.as two continental plates collide along a convergent boundary, mountains are formed. Answer 2 The correct answer is option d. where two continental plates are colliding. … Read more