According to Cheech and Chong how many joints in a “lid”?

Answer 1

one puff…you’re in heaven..lmao

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Answer 3

A lid used to be 10 to 20 dollars back in the 60s, I think. Can’t remember how many joints.
I Cr 13;8a

Answer 4

a lid depending on who you ask-is basically weed filled up to the lid of the container being used (in the old days they used mayo jars)
but by todays standards a lid would be an ounce.

Answer 5

back in the day a lid was enough pot to fill the lid af a prince albert can the small one that fit in your pocket it made about 6 pinners

Answer 6

2. I roll big joints.
Classic C&C

Answer 7

one big joint,that will fill the whole lid.

Answer 8

A lid is an ounce. Joints come in all sizes, from pinners to big fatties. The rolling paper that came inside Cheech and Chong s Big Bamboo album could probably hold more than an ounce. 20 normal sized joints would probably use an ounce.

Answer 9

One big one….?

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