a girl texted me “whats your stats”, what should i answer. whats “stats” and whats the meaning of the phrase?

Answer 1

She could be being dirty and asking about the size of your ᴘᴇɴιꜱ !
If so you are in there

Answer 2

She might want to know how much you make: Your financial stats which is short of the word “statistics”?
I really depends on how long you know her. The word “stats” would mean different things to people of different age groups.

Answer 3

stats as in status. like are you single, dating.

Answer 4

Simple: who are you, what are you, where are, how old and so on. Usually expects your name, age, occupation, location and maybe something like your favourite music or a qualifier, like, ‘boy-racer’ or ‘skydiver’ e.g. ’28 white male North London techno junkie windsurfer & occasional DJ,’ you could add your relationship status.

Answer 5

I would think that is short for statistics; i.e. age, height, hair color, etc., but you might want an answer from someone who isn’t a great-grandmother like me.

Answer 6

i think she means status. As in what are you doing tonight? Are you single? Stuff like that

Answer 7

i think shes asking if your single or taken maybe? just text her back and ask her what it means

Answer 8

She must mean ur age,
If ur boy or girl.
where ur from.
Basikly she wants to know all your information.

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