5 simple ways you can craft bad writing into good writing

What is writing? We all know that expressing thoughts or feelings or anything related to a context in the form of words, marks, or signs is known as writing. There are four main types of writing: expository, narrative, persuasive, and descriptive. Don’t worry! We are not here to discuss the types of writing.

But do you know what is writing as a skill? Writing skills include all the abilities and knowledge related to expressing ideas through the word you write. Writing is a healthy activity and it has been proven that the habit of writing provides many emotional, intellectual, and physiological benefits to individuals. Writing also improves the thinking process and helps in the development of critical thinking skills and contributes to the development of higher-order thinking skills. Writing also helps in releasing stress in the form of words. 

Why are writing skills important?

Writing is not only an essential job-related skill but is a life skill that has many benefits. It is the basic skills on which people judge you for your learning, values, ideologies as well as your contribution to society.

Writing is a personal activity. It represents you when you are not present in a particular space and time. Writing helps you to reach a much larger audience over time and in many places. You need to keep this point in mind if you are out for an online presence. You will be judged by the thoughts that you express through your writings.

To write well, you need to organize your thoughts, explain your arguments and lead your reader to a shred conclusion. This helps you to develop and enhance your thinking abilities.

Tips to improve your writing skills

Here are some tips that can help you improve your writing skills. Well, there is one universal formula to help yourself improve anything, that is practice. As we’ve heard that practice makes a man perfect! Writing isn’t that easy when it comes to writing long texts and paragraphs. You need to understand the user’s perspective and the way they want to grab the things that you want to share. Here we are going to discuss some basic and simple tips and tricks that can craft your bad or we can say not-so-good writing into much better writing!

  1.  Choose simple words

You can write a big paragraph with a grammatically strong vocabulary but you need to take care of the word choice that you make. Why is word choice important in writing?

When you are writing a long paragraph or an essay, your goal is to coherently, clearly, and concisely communicate your ideas to your audience. With the help of proper word choice, you provide clarity to the readers regarding what you are discussing with the audience.

When you are writing to express, you need to think not only about what makes sense to you, but what will make sense and sound best to your readers. While writing, think simply. Using simple words doesn’t indicate simple thoughts. Also, you can use longer and unconventional words only if your meaning is so specific that no other words could be used.

  1.  Write short sentences

Short sentences are easier to read and understand than long ones. That’s why writers use short sentences as well as short paragraphs to make the audience understand the views they want to express.

The way sentences are used can be just as important as the language they contain. A babbling sentence will distract the readers and conceal your main point under unnecessary words. The use of short sentences improves readability. Also, they are more eye-catching. 

The main reason behind writing short sentences is that they prevent you from overthinking a context and help to not distract the user from the main point you are sharing.

  1.  Use the Active Voice

The main reason why to use active voice instead of passive voice is that the passive sentences bore people. Readers prefer the SVO sentence sequence: Subject, Verb, Object. This is the active voice sequence. When you reverse the active sequence, you get the OVS sequence which is the passive voice.

Passive voice sentences contain more words, can be vague, and can be responsible to create confusion between the prepositional phrases. Active voice makes sentences more precise and efficient. It makes writing easier and helps collect a more engaging audience. Moreover, it helps clean the sentence and helps in preventing grammatical mistakes.

  1.  Be direct in your writing

Good writing is clear and concise. You don’t need to add extra words that you think might attract the user base. Unfortunately, it will leave a negative impact on your readers if they find it difficult to understand what you want to communicate.

Say exactly what you mean in the most simple way it can be written. It helps you to connect with the audience quickly and helps increase user engagement in your writing.

  1.  Terminate fluff words

Fluff words are unnecessary words that a writer might use to enhance the user’s readability. But keep in mind that any experiment that you might be doing with your content can lead to a boost or a fall in user engagement.

The use of fluff words is considered to be one of the biggest mistakes that writers do. If you are a website blogger, you may experience high bounce rates if you use fluff words. There’s no place for fluff words in your content. Adding extra information is time-consuming and prevents your text from being effective and engaging.

About the article

Writing is one of the simplest practices that a human can use to express their thoughts and feelings. Writing is also used to generate income these days. It has become a professional activity that helps many writers to earn living. In this article, we learned about the 5 simplest ways in which you can improve your writing skills and help your content to build up an engaging audience if you are a writer.

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