11 teachers recommended Math Apps and Online tools

At a time when the attention spans of students are rapidly declining and gadgets play an important role in their lives, forward-thinking teachers are struggling to find new ways to help their students learn better and keep them learning.

“Mathematics” has been considered a difficult and boring subject for centuries.

For some math teachers, digital tools that help students visualize math concepts or websites that inspire math discussions were among their skills before the pandemic. But for other teachers, distance learning allowed them to explore math apps and online resources for the first time.

Teachers are now using the following apps to bust this myth and help their students easily acquire the math skills they need while having fun with numbers:

  1. Math Training for Kids

This Android-based app for students ages 3 and up helps students easily learn four basic math concepts – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You’ll find lots of fun exercises and games for kids to practice a lot.

  1. CK12

CK-12 is a free app for Android, iPhone or iPad, Windows 8 or 10, and web platforms that combines high-quality content with the latest technology. Interactive learning activities provided include adaptive exercises, PLIX, and simulations.

High school students will love the BrainGenie section, while those specializing in algebra and advanced math skills should dive into the FlexMath section.

Teachers love the app for easy access from anywhere; also includes workbooks, quizzes, and tests.

  1. Prodigy Game

Prodigy Game is for students in grades 1-8 and is free on iOS, Android, and the web. Teachers love this game-based learning program because it allows them to use games in class and homework assessment items, making learning a fun activity.

The app offers a built-in diagnostic test that generates real-time reports on student progress and helps teachers identify their strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Colorado’s PhET

The University of Colorado PhET Simulation Project is a popular teaching tool for advancing math and science teachers. Animated illustrations can be easily incorporated into lectures and homework assignments, helping students easily understand specific concepts.

While the PhET app is available for Android and iPhone/iPad users for $0.99, K-12 students can access their PhET simulations online for free to learn math concepts such as projectile motion, calculus drawing, and arithmetic.

  1. Photomath

Photomath is free on Android and iOS and lets you take pictures of math problems and get their step-by-step solutions! From basic math to fractions and trigonometry to linear and quadratic equations, it can easily help you solve many math problems.

While a good teacher will certainly not allow you to use the app in the classroom, teachers also recommend it as learning support that students can use at home.

Other similar free apps you might want to try to include Mathway and Socratic.

  1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy founder Salman Khan used to upload videos about algebra to YouTube to teach his cousin who lived in remote areas. The views of these videos that he uploaded exceeded his expectations, and today Khan Academy is offering free video lessons to all students through their app and website.

You can learn everything here – from counting to arithmetic. There is a dashboard that students, parents, and teachers can also use to track student progress.

  1. GeometryPad

The app is free for Android and iOS and is loved by teachers because it makes it easier to understand geometric concepts and increases student engagement in the classroom. Teachers can also use it to create homework assignments where students can practice measuring and using a compass, try out different geometric shapes, and even create complex geometric sketches.

  1. BuzzMath

It is primarily a web-based application that provides over 3,000 Common Core State Standards (CCSS) compliant questions. Teachers love it because it’s accessible from any device, offers multiple input styles, allows students to try again and again, and of course, has detailed reporting tools (only in the paid version).

  1. Brainscape Flashcards

Available on both iOS and Android platforms, the app is unique in that it collects input from a student and then tailors a study plan for him or her.

Math Tutors love its flashcard feature, which is very useful when helping students learn formulas. Flashcard reviews in the app are timed based on an individual’s cognitive needs and are scientifically proven to help you learn better in half the time.

  1. Singapore Maths

We all know how good Singapore students are in math. This is due to their special teaching method in which abstract mathematical concepts are easily explained to students using concrete objects. This method is fully compatible with CCSS.

The app contains over 500 educational games and instructional videos. A free trial is available, but after the trial period ends, you must subscribe to the app to access its content.

  1. Wolfram MathWorld

MathWorld is a free online math resource. The site contains interactive GIFs and demos, notebooks, and “capsule summaries” of various math terms. Students can explore over 13,000 items to solidify their math foundation and expand their understanding.

What Teachers Love: This site allows older and more advanced students to delve into math, with topics and articles on a variety of math subjects for all backgrounds and ability levels.

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At a time when the attention spans of students are rapidly declining and gadgets play an important role in their lives, forward-thinking teachers are struggling to find new ways to help their students learn better and keep them learning.

To overcome this problem of mathematics being a boring subject, we are here with 11 teacher-recommended math apps and online tools that would make your teaching as well as the student’s learning mathematics more fun.

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